ABE Seminar-Dr. Cristian Toma


3:00 pm-4:00 pm
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R&D Opportunities in Large Scale Vertical Farming

The presentation will outline key challenges in large-scale vertical farming, each providing R&D opportunities to solve real world problems, including energy-efficient and precise environment controls, large sensor array management and data fusion, crop health sensing in automated vertical farms, rapid phenotyping, in-line automated fertilizer solution management, post-harvest process automation, among other. The intent is to generate a dialogue between the industry and the academic community in order to help guide R&D projects toward areas that are practical and applicable to large scale automated vertical farms.

Dr. Toma is the founder and Chief Science Officer of Kalera, a leading global company in the emerging vertical farming industry. Prior to founding Kalera in 2010, Dr. Toma had worked in the biomedical and telecom industries with Fortune 500 companies such as Becton Dickinson and Lucent Technologies and with several biomedical device start-ups, in various technology development and R&D management positions. Dr. Toma has several patents and patent applications, has lectured advanced courses in signal and image processing, and has co-authored several peer-reviewed publications.

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