ABE Seminar


3:00 pm-4:00 pm
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Frazier Rogers Hall Room 122
1741 Museum Road
Gainesville , FL 32611


Can in-process sensing, and machine learning deliver Industry 4.0 to the food and drink sector?

Presented By: Dr. Nik Watson, Associate Professor
University of Nottingham, UK
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Digital technologies are transforming manufacturing sectors across the globe but what role will they play within food and drink? Will they provide benefits relative to their costs and can they really provide positive economic, social and environmental outcomes? In this talk Nik will begin with a brief history of digital manufacturing within the UK and the unique challenges the food and drink sector provides for digital technology adoption. He will then focus on the potential of combining in-process measurements with machine learning, covering some of the key opportunities and challenges. Then he will present several case studies from his group of combining sensors measurements and machine learning and finish with a future outlook.

About Dr. Nik Watson:

Nik’s research is primarily focused on data driven in-process sensing to deliver sustainable, safe and productive current and future food manufacturing systems. Data-driven sensing combines cost-effective in-process sensors (e.g. optical and ultrasonic) with machine learning techniques and overcomes many of the challenges associated with utilizing sensors to produce actionable information to monitor processes (e.g. mixing, cleaning, and fermentation) and materials (e.g. online quality and safety inspection) within challenging manufacturing environments. Nik has broader expertise and research interests in Digital Manufacturing within the food and drink sector with projects exploring the use of data and digital technologies including robotics and the Industrial Internet of Things.

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