ChE Seminar Series – Kevin E. Beuttner, Ph.D.


9:00 am-10:00 am
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HPNP 1404
1225 Center Drive
Gainesville, Florida 32611


“An Industrial Perspective on Lab Safety”
ExxonMobil has had a long relationship with the University of Florida as a member of PALS (Partners in Academic Laboratory Safety). The goal of this seminar is to discuss the intent of PALS and to create an open dialogue about safety culture. As someone who graduated from the University of Florida and joined ExxonMobil in a computational role, it might seem strange to see Kevin giving this seminar. However, career progression led him into a role as the lead of a 24/7 pilot plant operation that has a team of 30+ people. In both the computational and pilot plant roles, the assessment and mitigation of risk were necessary and important, but it was not until being at the pilot plant that he began to understand the conversations and openness needed to ensure “Nobody Gets Hurt.” This talk will include some strategies ExxonMobil uses in building a safety culture in hopes of providing some information that is relatable and applicable.

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