Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences Summer 2022 EES Graduate Seminar


1:00 pm-2:00 pm
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Solar-Driven CO2 Conversion to Value-Added Products

Ying Li J.
J. Mike Walker ’66 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M

Abstract. CO2 is a major greenhouse gas resulant from fossil fuel consumption. An ideal strategy to mitigate the global climate change is to convert CO2 emissions back into fuels and useful chemicals. Photochemical and electrochemical reduction of CO2 are promising approaches because renewable energy such as solar can be used to produce sustainable fuels and solve the energy storage challenge simultaneously. However, the biggest challenge is the design of a high-performance and low-cost catalyst. In this seminar, I will summarize the recent progress in our research group in the development of cost-effective photocatalysts and electrocatalysts for solar-driven CO2 reduction to CO and other value-added products, photo-thermo-chemical catalysts for CO2 reforming of methane to produce syngas, as well as mechanistic studies on the reaction mechanisms and pathways with the assistance of in situ spectroscopy analyses.


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