MSE Seminar: “Natural Fibers: from Fundamentals to Functional Materials Applications”


3:00 pm-4:00 pm
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Rhines Hall Room 125
549 Gale Lemerand Drive
Gainesville, FL 32611



Pollution has profound impacts on human health, the environment, and Earth’s systems, including climate regulation. Its global reach affects our well-being through contaminated food, water, and air.

Material engineers and scientists play a crucial role in addressing these challenges through innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. One promising solution involves utilizing eco-friendly materials sourced from nature.

In this presentation, we delve into natural fibers, exploring their fundamentals and practical applications in engineering. Natural fibers are more environmentally conscious and sustainably produced. These fibers and their composites offer a sustainable alternative, being both environmentally conscious and responsibly manufactured. They can be transformed into functional materials suitable for various uses, showcasing their versatility and potential.

Most of the fibers have been used for centuries by ancient communities, forming a fascinating field known as cultural materials research. We’ll focus on fibers sourced from the Andes mountains and the Amazon River region, as well as their traditional uses, microstructure, properties, and potential applications in modern materials engineering.


Henry Colorado Ph.D.

Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Universidad de Antioquia at Medellin, Colombia

Dr. Henry Colorado is a Professor in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at the Universidad de Antioquia at Medellin, Colombia, and in the Materials Department at the State University of Northern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is also a Fulbright Visitor Scholar in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of California San Diego.

His main areas of research are Composite Materials, Natural Fibers, Green Materials, and Additive Manufacturing. Henry is also very interested in active learning and materials in arts. Henry obtained a BS and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 2005 and an MS and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

Henry has active collaborations with several leading institutions in Brazil, Chile, China, and USA. He is also working as an Associate Editor for the journals Heliyon, Engineered Science, and ES Materials & Manufacturing and on the Editorial Board for Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials and for the American Ceramics Society Bulletin (2023-2026).


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