NE Seminar: “A Nexus in Radiation Dosimetry”


1:50 pm-2:50 pm
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Shaheen A. Dewji, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering
Texas A&M University


In recent decades, the role of computational dosimetry has emerged in support of radiation protection regulation in occupational and medical exposures of workers, members of the public, environmental management, and nuclear medicine patients. Dosimetric approaches in radiation protection and nuclear medicine have evolved hand-in-hand, but have reached a nexus in which there is a convergence and divergence between representative “reference” models (one-size-fits-all) vs. individualized models.

In this presentation, we will look at the synergistic evolution of radiation protection and nuclear medicine dosimetry models – both physical and biokinetic – and divergent trends in cross-cutting applications of public radiation protection. We will explore the impacts of these convergent and divergent trends as applied in consequence management following radiological/nuclear accidents and security incidents, including dose assessment of children exposed to fission products during the Fukushima incident, and movements towards individualized nuclear medicine in diagnostic medicine, radiotherapy, and new targeted modalities. Other ongoing activities and opportunities in the Radiological Engineering, Detection, and Dosimetry (RED2) Laboratory at Texas A&M University, led by Dr. Dewji, will be further discussed.


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