NE Seminar: “Nonproliferation Data Science: Advancing the National Security Mission with Modern Solutions”


1:55 pm-2:55 pm
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Ken Dayman, Ph.D.

Dr. Ken Dayman is a staff scientist in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division within the National Security Sciences Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, specializing in applied statistics and data analytics for national security applications.  He earned a B.S. degree in theoretical math in 2010 and an M.S. in nuclear and radiological engineering in 2012 from the University of Texas at Austin. In 2015, he earned in Ph.D. in nuclear and radiological engineering from the University of Texas for his research in measurements of short-lived fission product yields. Ken has experience in radiation detection, nuclide depletion and transmutation modeling, and associated data analysis for applications in nuclear safeguards, proliferation detection, and forensics. At Oak Ridge, his research has included developing a numerical optimization approach to fractionation correction in post-detonation debris, developing nonparametric statistical classification methods for spent nuclear fuel analysis, and studying data fusion methods to analyze heterogeneous multimodal data collected at NNSA testbeds.


Applying modern methods of data science to problems in nuclear nonproliferation presents a combination of challenges that is unique amongst the greater data science landscape. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, several efforts are underway to develop data analytic solutions to nonproliferation applications through collaborations of interdisciplinary research teams. Some of these advancements will be highlighted by presenting work associated with the Multi-Informatics for Nuclear Operation Scenarios venture, which has developed and maintained a data collection testbed comprised of a research reactor and radiochemical processing facility and multiple sensors persistently collecting data across six modalities.

Specific techniques to autonomously and uniquely identify, characterize, and track shipments of radiological material around the testbed and scientific advancements developed as part of these efforts will be discussed.

Finally, other projects that span the range of nuclear safeguards, proliferation detection, and nuclear forensics will be summarized.


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