NE Seminar: “Plutonium, an Odd Metal, and Other Radioactive Things at Los Alamos National Laboratory”


1:50 pm-2:50 pm
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Tarik Saleh, Ph.D.
Team leader, Fuels Research Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory


The talk will cover fabrication and property measurement of fuels compounds, irradiated steels and plutonium metal at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Special attention will be given to how samples are made, handled and measured in glove box and hot cell environments, as well as background information on plutonium, the oddest metal on the periodic table. Mechanical testing and elastic property data from plutonium research castings as a function of age and alloy type will be presented. The second part of the talk will discuss handling, machining and mechanical testing of irradiated beam windows from various accelerator facilities.

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