NE Seminar: “Stress Management”


1:50 pm-2:50 pm
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Austin Gordon

Graduate Outreach Coordinator
GatorWell Health Promotion Services

Austin Gordon (he/him) is a 2nd-year graduate student working on a Master’s in public health. With GatorWell, I work as a Graduate Outreach Educator, which gives me the opportunity to talk with students like yourselves about personal development and advocating for our own wellbeing. 


“Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life. When your brain perceives a stressor, your body releases a burst of hormones to fuel your fight-or-flight response. When the stress is gone, your body returns to normal. Unfortunately, the non-stop stress of life as a UF student means that your alarm system rarely shuts off. This can lead to negative physical, psychological, social, and academic impacts over time. Taking steps to address your stress constructively is a positive and effective way to help ensure your happiness, productivity, and well-being.”


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