NE Seminar: “The Intersection of Physics and International Safeguards”


1:50 pm-2:50 pm
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Warren Stern

Deputy Chair for Nonproliferation and National Security
Brookhaven National Lab

Warren Stern is currently Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Deputy Chair for Nonproliferation and National Security.  Stern has held leadership positions at the CIA, the Department of State, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. He was appointed in August 2010 by President Obama to lead DHS’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.  Before that, he directed the IAEA’s Incident and Emergency Centre, and before that he was the Department of State’s Senior Coordinator for Nuclear Safety.  Stern earned a B.A. in physics from Brandeis University in 1985, and an M.S. in nuclear engineering from MIT in 1989.  He also holds an M.S. in national security studies from the National War College, awarded in 1997.


The lecture will explore the intersection between physics and international safeguards and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It will describe the international safeguards system, the history of safeguards and nonproliferation, and explore safeguards techniques.  It will also look at Libya and Iran as case studies in international nonproliferation efforts. 


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