NE Seminar: “The Westinghouse Lead Fast Reactor”


1:50 pm-2:50 pm
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Paolo Ferroni, Ph.D.

Technical Lead, Westinghouse Lead Fast Reactor Project
Westinghouse Electric


With the goal of commercializing a versatile reactor technology competitive even in the most challenging global energy markets, Westinghouse is developing a Generation IV plant based on Lead‐cooled Fast Reactor (LFR) technology, and is collaborating with domestic and international organizations to accelerate the path to commercialization. With a power output of approximately 460 MWe, the Westinghouse LFR combines competitive load-leveling electricity, enhanced safety, the capability to fulfill missions beyond electricity generation, and fuel cycle advantages inherent in fast reactors, resulting in a best-suited plant to fulfill the needs of a broad spectrum of customers. As a global nuclear vendor, Westinghouse is developing the LFR within a portfolio of reactor technologies that the company is offering to address the needs of diverse, current and future energy markets, which also include the Westinghouse’s flagship nuclear product, the AP1000® plant, and the eVinciTM microrector.


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Materials Science & Engineering Dept.