UFTI Seminar: Innovative Data-Driven Solutions for Traffic Operations


12:30 pm-1:30 pm
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Weil Hall Room 365C
1949 Stadium Rd


With the advent of ubiquitous technologies and the emergence of modern traffic sensors, one of the primary strategies of transportation agencies for maintaining the safety, mobility, and efficiency of a transportation system is to use Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies and innovative data-driven strategies. An efficient transportation system should keep a balance between mobility on freeways and accessibility on arterials. This presentation will discuss the innovative data-driven solutions developed by the Center for Applied Transportation Sciences (CATS) at the University of Arizona and how these solutions can help transportation engineers to deal with common traffic operations and safety issues on both freeways and arterials in Arizona. In addition, the presentation will also cover how CATS collaborates with multiple local jurisdictions to deal with larger transportation issues with specific strategies and a clear vision.


Hosted by

Xilei Zhao