Webinar: The Positive Impact of Mentoring on Wellbeing – Benjamin Kutsyuruba, PhD


10:00 am-11:00 am
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Benjamin Kutsyuruba, PhD, is a Professor of Educational Policy,Leadership, and School Law at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON,Canada. Benjamin has worked as a teacher, researcher, manager, and professor in the field of education in Ukraine and Canada. His research areas include educational leadership and policy, flourishing and well-being, mentoring and teacher induction, and trust, moral agency, and ethical decision-making in education.

This webinar will focus on the positive impact of mentoring on the wellbeing of mentees. It is geared towards graduate students and their mentors, emphasizing how mentoring can enhance a student’s personal and professional (career and psychosocial) growth. The session will describe strategies for building positive mentoring relationships,developing a culture of trust and success, setting mentoring goals and boundaries, helping students know when mentoring is thriving or has become dysfunctional, and establishing a system of supports for enhancing the wellbeing of all within the mentoring set up.