Energy Systems

Our need for energy independence is urgent. Florida is renowned for having an unlimited renewable fuel supply – the sun. But we’ve not done enough to use and store it. Our university has invested in leading-edge facilities at the Energy Research and Education Park, where we’re ratcheting up our efforts to bottle sunlight – by revolutionizing ways to concentrate it into hydrogen to power fuel cells. 

In this video, Jonathan Scheffe, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Dean Cammy Abernathy discuss the importance of being energy independent, and the some of the ways UF is helping to make that happen.

Resilient Coastal Communities

There are 3.5 billion people living in coastal areas around the world, and many of their communities are in the path of deadly storms and are susceptible to sea level rise. Florida’s temperate coastlines are magnets for growth and tourism. Like any other community, each requires a complex network of infrastructure systems, but the interdependence of these systems is more critical. Communication, transportation, power generation, waste collection, water distribution, and a stronghold of buildings and homes are all part of a fully functioning community—if one fails, it is imperative that the rest do not cascade into catastrophic collapse. By leading Florida in creating resilient coastal communities, UF is leading the world.