ABE BioComplexity Seminar


2:00 pm-3:00 pm
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Olga Shashkina

Impact of Russia-Ukraine War on Global Food Security and the Resilience of Agri-Food Systems

Olga Shashkina is a disaster resilience and environmental governance professional experienced
working at different operational levels for the United Nations (UN) and governmental entities in
Europe, Central Asia, the Caribbean, South East Asia, and the Pacific. Her PhD research at the
University of Florida focuses on cascading and compounding impacts of global crises on the
resilience of agri-food systems.
Her previous assignments included amongst others: on behalf of the United Nations supporting
the cities in Central Asia in undertaking disaster resilience assessments and developing local
strategies for disaster risk reduction; coordinating a United Nations disaster risk reduction project
in South East Asia and the Pacific; supporting the resilience partnership in London to coordinate
an effective response to civil contingency matters arising from the withdrawal of the UK from
the EU on behalf of London’s communities and businesses; developing disaster resilience
policies and representing the interests of Georgia under the aegis of multiple international
frameworks for disaster resilience including the Hyogo Framework for Action and the Major
Hazards Agreement of the Council of Europe; supporting the humanitarian response to the 2008
Russian-Georgian military conflict and the 2010 Haiti earthquake emergency relief operations.


Hosted by

Dr. Rafael Muñoz-Carpena