ABE Biocomplexity Seminar


2:00 pm-3:00 pm
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Rogers 284 (Hydrological Modeling Lab)
1741 Museum Rd
Gainesville, FL 32611


This week we will be hosting Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk and PhD student Yi Han, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF. They will present next week, Tuesday, February 18th, 2020.
Dr. Bliznyuk will be presenting “Spatio-temporal additive regression model selection for urban water demand” and Yi Han will present “Urban water demand forecasting using machine learning, deep learning and ensemble approaches.”

Bios: Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk is an Associate Professor of Statistics in ABE. He is a professional academic statistician with research focus on developing modeling and computational methodologies for complex modern data arising in environmental and life sciences. His technical expertise comes from formal training in Operations Research & Information Engineering (Computational Statistics/Data Science) at Cornell University, postdoctoral research training at Harvard Biostatistics and Texas A&M Statistics and numerous research projects and academic statistical consulting endeavors over the past 10 years at these institutions and in the course of his current appointment at the University of Florida.

Yi Han is a Ph.D. student majoring in a statistics and machine learning at the University of Florida (UF) Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department. He received his master degree of quantitative genetics in Fall 2016 and his master degree of statistics in Fall 2019. Yi Han’s areas of expertise include genetic data analysis, zero-inflated data modeling, time-series data modeling, uncertainty qualification and applied deep learning. Yi’s current research projects focus on applications of statistical and machine learning (ML) methods to various real-world scenarios. He engaged in exploring and developing the most efficient and accurate algorithm for each specific problem.