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11:45 am-12:35 pm
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Rosemarie Fernandez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine
University of Florida

Abstract: Resuscitation Teams: Understanding and studying extreme action teams in healthcare

Current literature cites high quality interdisciplinary team performance as critical to patient safety and medical error reduction. In emergency departments, resuscitation teams care for acutely ill patients with life threatening problems such as traumatic injuries and cardiac arrest. Resuscitation teams are “extreme action teams” defined as ad hoc, multidisciplinary teams that perform complex patient care under dynamic and time pressured conditions. Such a combination of environmental factors contributes to frequent breakdowns in team interactions, resulting in poor communication and coordination, failure to recognize threats to patient safety, and overall decreased effectiveness. This presentation will discuss research and novel methodologies aimed at understanding resuscitation team performance and improving effectiveness in highly dynamic emergency department settings.

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