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Mike Griffis

Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator

Office MAE-C 132 Mailing P.O. Box 116250 Gainesville FL 32611 Office Phone: 352-392-9473 Office Fax: 352-392-1071


Dr. Griffis has 28+ years experience in the robotics and machine design industry and is a recognized expert in motion and force control. Professional accomplishments include a novel kinestatic control strategy for force control, design and development of a sub-micron machine tool for the semiconductor industry, design and development of a fully automatic laser lace cutter, design and development of a fully automatic battery welder, and design of a control system for a robotic refueling system. He has extensive experience in mechanical design, embedded control systems, product development, product safety, product electromagnetic compatibility, radar and wireless communication design, electrical power transmission, electronics and software for robotic applications. He is an expert in screw theory, which is a study of a five-dimensional geometry that unifies motion and force control.


Ph.D., 1991, University of Florida