Application Process

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  • The application process to study abroad is multi-layered and can seem daunting and tedious. But it takes you one step closer to realizing your dream of studying abroad! There are resources available to help you navigate this process, such as the International Engineering Programs Coordinator and the Study Abroad Advisors at UFIC. Please make sure you have read through the UFIC’s page on the application process.

    There are slight differences whether you are applying to a UFIC program or a Global E3 program. So please make sure you know what type of program you are applying to!

    • IF you are applying to a Global E3 Program:

    Study abroad advising flow chart-GE3

    • Materials needed for application:
      • Recommendation letter from a faculty member
      • One-page essay, describing the goals to be achieved in the program
      • Copy of passport
      • Copy of transcript (official or unofficial)
      • Information on mailing address for transcript:
        • UF Study Abroad Services
          ATTN: Transcript Processing
          170 Hub (PO Box 113225)
          Gainesville, FL, USA 32611-3225
    • IF you are applying to a UFIC Program:

    Study abroad advising flow chart-UFIC

    If you are not sure what program is right for you or what classes to take, talk to the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering International Programs Director to find more!