Types of Programs

  • Prospective Students
  • New Students
  • Current Students
  • Graduating Students
  • STAR Office
  • State College Partnerships
  • International Engineering
  • Awards and Scholarships
  • UF Exchange Programs

    • Enroll through UF
    • Semester program or full academic year; Some in summer. Language of instruction may or may not be English
    • Pays tuition directly to UF for all courses
    • Receives UF credits and calculated into GPA
    • A UF exchange student is often the only UF student participating in that exchange for that semester. Full immersion experience
    • Students make own living arrangements
    • Application fee required to apply through UFIC

    UF Sponsored Programs

    • Developed and taught by UF faculty, courses taught in English
    • Short-term programs – spring break, Thanksgiving or six-week summer
    • In a group of other UF students
    • All living arrangements and activities are planned
    • Program fees billed by UFIC – covers tuition, insurance, housing, meals, excursions

    Non-UF Programs

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